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Rely On The Premier Diamond and Jewelry Buyer For Williams Addition Georgetown, TX

Highest cash offers from expert jewelry and diamond buyers in Williams Addition Georgetown, TX

When you're looking for a jewelry and diamond buyer in Williams Addition Georgetown, TX, look to M.I. Trading Diamond Buyers. Receive cash offers based upon honest evaluations by marketplace professionals. We're rated number 1 in the Central Texas area and we'll purchase your jewelry and diamonds including watches, Tiffany's jewelry, estate jewelry and more.

What makes us unique?

Sellers do not always get decent offers for fine jewelry put up for sale through the web, despite the fact that one can find quite a few online sales venues today. Customers that purchase these kinds of items through auction sites which are widely used frequently have no preceding jewelry-purchasing experience. Rare estate jewelry might be significantly undervalued by them. Moreover, sellers sometimes receive an offer and then a winning bidder neglects to execute the deal.

Attempting to sell estate diamonds or other exquisite pieces of jewelry over the internet might prove unsatisfying and difficult. Think about organizing to sell your fine jewelry with our trusted buyers instead! We buy whole estate collections and solitary pieces. We purchase both certified and non-certified diamonds and will examine any jewelry you show us..

Your Highly Regarded Local Area Williams Addition Georgetown Diamond and Jewelry Buyer

Located in the community of Austin, Texas, we buy fine jewelry and diamonds from people in Williams Addition Georgetown, TX and neighboring areas. We offer the perfect solution, if you have wondered the best place to sell diamonds in the Central Texas region.

You will value our commitment to our clients' privacy and our professionalism. We make the diamond selling process convenient and clear-cut. Our jewelry and diamond buyers in Williams Addition Georgetown make an effort to supply great cash offers for your valuables.

Experience Respectful, Honest and Master, Treatment When You Choose Us

Our customers enjoy engaging in business with our company. We represent a relaxed, legitimate alternative for selling fine jewelry or diamonds confidentially in Williams Addition Georgetown, TX.

We offer a number of fundamental conveniences available for you:

  • Honest and master assessments of your articles are offered
  • You can expect to receive punctual, polite attention
  • It's possible for you to accomplish your trade in complete confidentiality
  • Without charge or obligation, we will evaluate your diamonds and jewelry
  • You may sell us your loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, watches, Tiffany's jewelry, and fine estate jewelry and more
  • We fully keep record of all our transactions and present cash offers
  • We provide a comfortable, friendly location in order to carry out your transaction

Get Extra Information While You Sell Your Diamonds Or Jewelry In Williams Addition Georgetown

The owner of M.I. Trading, Moran Tairy, has in excess of 10 years of experience buying and selling fine jewelry and diamonds and possesses an intimate knowledge of the diamond industry. You will receive an impartial assessment of your diamonds and estate jewelry from Mr. Moran Tairy. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has a steady commitment to transparency and discretion.

Our 6-Stage Diamond And Jewelry Buying Procedure

We have designed an easy process for making offers to buy pieces of jewelry and diamonds. We hold to these six stages:

  1. Document Overview: Prior to meeting with our team, compile all of the paperwork that is accessible referring to the jewelry and diamonds you intend to sell. We will take into consideration past appraisals and/or assessments for instance, received from the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Note that documentation isn't a obligation.
  2. Your Appointment: You will arrange an appointment with our team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your diamonds or jewelry.
  3. Learning About Your Item(s): We examine every item of jewelry or diamond we intend to invest in meticulously. Our Gemologist will give a thorough explanation to our customers on every aspect of our analysis. We review the aspects buyers search for in high-quality diamonds such as the diamond 4C's, as well as the current precious stone market.
  4. The Bid: After the diamond, watch or fine jewelry examination and education, we will give an offer to purchase. You will have time to examine this offer and accept it, or not with no pushiness or commitment.
  5. The Deal: You'll receive cash instantly from us should you accept our offer to purchase your jewelry or diamonds.
  6. The Final Paperwork: We offer a sales receipt after the transaction for each and every purchase we undertake.

All About Us

You'll love the simplified purchasing procedures we've created, Should you seek a buyer who purchases diamonds and jewelry including Tiffany's jewelry and fine watches in bulk. Our organization has acquired remarkable accreditation as a skilled diamond and jewelry buyer for Williams Addition Georgetown. Our purchasing procedure doesn't involve any duty or dedication; after you attain our offer, you're able to elect to take it, or not. We won't hassle you to make a sales choice. We document all buys. Also, you will get actual cash for your jewelry and diamond by selling to our company.

Contact Us To Sell Your Fine Jewelry And/Or Diamonds In The Williams Addition Georgetown, TX Area

To begin the procedure for selling your diamonds in Williams Addition Georgetown, TX, simply contact Austin's Premier Diamond Buyer - M.I. Trading to schedule an appointment anytime.

How Much Was This Helpful?

METATITLE 3.9/5 based upon 8 reviews.

I was very satisfied and comfortable with my experience in every way. Moran made time for me right away even though I was not sure I had a real diamond. He met with me in a safe environment close to my home and patiently tested and looked through all of my junk jewelry in a very calm disarming manner. Although none of my diamonds were real, I was glad to know about what I had. I learned a lot about the process of buying and selling and what to look for in the future. I really look forward to doing business with him again, hopefully with an actual diamond. I also felt he would give me a fair market price when I do. Very warm, honest, and professional man. Not to mention one of the few buyers that would see me at all. Great job! Thank you Mr. Tairy!

– Rick Rosenberg


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