The Process


How We Determine the Value and Worth of Your Diamonds

Before you sell your diamond in Austin be prepared by familiarizing yourself with the steps required to ensure you get the best price. Customer satisfaction is our priority!


No Papers? No Problem! If you do not have any certification or appraisals that is no problem for us. We will still buy your diamond! 

If you have them, gather all documentation records you possess regarding your diamond in order to get the best resale value for your jewelry. Your records will help the appraiser assess the current value. Examples of accepted documentation include reports from:

      1. Gemological Institute of America
      2. American Gem Society
      3. Other lab reports
      4. Previous Appraisals 
      5. Private appraisals from insurance companies
      6. Receipt of purchase


Book a diamond evaluation appointment with our professional gemologist to discuss the specifics of your diamond. During the meeting, all documents are taken into consideration and your diamond quality will be examined so our gemologist will be able to give you the best cash offer for your diamond.  The meeting is also the time to discuss all options available for resale and insurance values. We offer free evaluations By Appointment Only.


During the free evaluation we examine your diamond closely for its qualities and ratings according to the 4C scale. We pride ourselves on the education that we provide to you about the diamond you bring to us. We will tell you about the 4C’s but also about the market, retail and wholesale value of your diamond. It is based on these things that we determine your offer. We always do our best to get you the top cash offer for your diamond. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


You are under no obligation to accept the offer presented for your diamond, however we guarantee fair and honest evaluations considering all factors. Written offers are made officially once all documentation and visual evaluation of your diamond has been completed. You are welcome to take your offer and shop around. We are confident that we provide a fair free diamond evaluation and offer. Our priority is to give you the top offer for your diamond!


If you accept our offer we will provide you payment immediately. Many companies try to convince their customers to leave their jewelry on consignment “for a higher price.” The problem with this is that you only get your money when and IF they are able to sell it. It often takes a lot of time and you are tied up waiting for your money. At M.I. Trading we provide you with the best cash offer on the spot.


Once our gemologist has completed the free diamond evaluation and we have agreed on the top price for your diamond, you will receive a receipt for the purchase of your diamond. Our priority is your satisfaction!

“We had a diamond ring to sell and were unsure how to go about finding a qualified buyer. Called Moran and he met us at a location of our choice and in a timely manner. He was professional, compassionate to our needs, and we were able to sell our ring with confidence and have not experienced sellers remorse. Call Moran first, he will be there for you. Thank you Moran!”

– Royal


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