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What’s The Difference Between International and Local Diamonds?

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Americans, Diamonds And The Global Market
American consumers purchase more diamonds than anyone else in the global market, with just over ⅓ of high-quality gemstones snapped up by American Diamond lovers. Most people don’t know where diamonds are mined and what if any differences exists between the quality of stones. We at M.I. Trading understand the difference and have made it our business to recognizing quality stones. Now, we want to share our knowledge with you, our valued customers to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Throughout the 20th century, most people would never have thought about Canada becoming an important producer of diamonds however this mentality changed in 1991 when a huge deposit was discovered in Canada’s arctic. These diamonds are still of the highest quality and are of course conflict free making them an attractive alternative for consumers. By 2006, three major mines in Canada’s North were producing over 13 million carats of quality diamonds per year. Placing Canada in the place of the third largest producer of diamonds in the world.

In recent years international diamond production in Canada and Russia has increased dramatically and stones from these regions are even more popular with producers and consumers alike. Each region produces slightly different stones with unique and attractive qualities. Russia has been a major player in the diamond exchange since the mid-1970’s but has a reputation of more pedestrian sales than their competitors.

Canada produces over 13 million carats of quality international diamonds per year.

Unfortunately, there are no major Diamond mining operations in the United States that sell, but there is the unique experience of the Crater of Diamonds National Park in Arkansas. Guests can search for their very own diamond over a 37 ½-acre plowed field that is the eroded surface of the world’s eighth largest diamond-bearing volcanic crater. Your discoveries become your property and guests are able to classify diamonds on their own. If you get lucky and find a diamond that you wish to sell, contact the best Austin diamond buyers, that’s use! We’ll make sure you get the best price possible for your amazing find.

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